David Miller | Owner - designer

Three short years after graduating from Kansas State University with a Masters of Architecture, David took the necessary steps to launch M.O.D. and turn his visions to reality. Committed to the implementation of detail and order in the execution of design and construction, David enhances the quality of the life and leisure in Manhattan, Kansas where he owns and operates one of two MOD offices. His involvement extends to the remodeling and rejuvenating of old buildings and towns that would otherwise diminish. Mr. Miller inspires trust and loyalty from M.O.D's clients with his dedication to their needs and desires. His charm and ability to envision a beautiful space within minutes of exposure make him valuable to any project.


Nick young | owner - designer

Nick owns and operates our Denver, CO office where we focus on the design and development of modern new-build construction. MOD’s intentions in Denver are to bring well thought-out design and execution to the skyline and city’s residential streets. Nick’s main focus is to provide developers and home owner’s with a level of design and service that far exceeds their expectations. Nick can sketch on the fly, create 3D renderings and virtual spaces, and then hand you a permit ready set with MOD’s modern touch. 


AARON SCHUMP | owner - designer

Aaron owns and operates our latest outpost in St. Louis, Missouri and is a lecturer at Washington University in St. Louis. He has a diverse portfolio of award winning work focusing on residential and commercial projects. Aaron is committed to a rigorous and critical approach to practice and teaching. From 2012 through 2018 Aaron operated his office, AS//A in Manhattan, Kansas while serving as an Associate Professor at Kansas State University. After many years of collaboration with MOD, he officially joined the company in 2018. With degrees from Columbia University and Kansas State University Aaron’s educational and professional background brings considerable depth to the practice. Aaron is a registered architect in the States of Kansas, Colorado,  and Missouri. He is a member of the American Institute of Architects and is NCARB certified.


After interning at MOD in the summer 2017, Ainsley is very excited to be back full-time at our Manhattan firm. Ainsley’s education includes a semester abroad in Berlin, Germany where she gained a deeper understanding and appreciation for historical architecture and experienced a vast variety of architectural styles. Ainsley received both a Bachelor’s in Science and a Mater’s in Architecture from Norwich University in her home state of Vermont. During this time she designed and built an AIAVT Award Winning tiny home with her classmates in the spring of her junior year. Ainsley’s experience with designing and building modern homes makes her a great fit with MOD. Having graduated in May of 2018, Ainsley is thrilled to jump into the professional field of architecture with us.

Want us to take a look at your project? Email us at david@thinkingmodern.com or nick@thinkingmodern.com